John Wall and Associates - LIHTC Low Income Housing Tax Credit Market Analysis and Data Mapping

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Want to know where you should build your next tax credit (LIHTC) apartments? These maps make it easy to see pockets of tax credit apartments with high occupancy rates as well as pockets of tax credit apartments with low occupancy rates. Choose from all tax credit apartments in a state, or just the elderly, family, new construction, or rehab properties. You can also filter the tax credit properties you see by occupancy rate range. Please click here for screen shots of the maps available to view. Please log-in or register to view our state tax credit apartment maps. All maps are located in the "Maps" tab of the main menu bar.

Click here for a video tutorial on how to use the tax credit maps on our website.

Apartment Market Analysis

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John Wall and Associates has been doing Apartment Market Analysis since 1983 for Section 515, tax credit (LIHTC), conventional, and student, apartments. We have done over 2,500 of these reports for developers, syndicators, lenders, the federal government, and state tax credit agencies. We are charter members of the National Council of Affordable Housing Market Analysts and have two market analysts on staff who have successfully passed the NCHMA peer review process. Bob Rogers, of our office, has served as chairperson of the NCHMA Standards Committee. Both market analysts have their MAP certificate.

Data Mapping

John Wall and Associates has 20 years experience producing large format presentation graphics and maps. Projects include statewide housing analysis, courtroom presentations, QCT maps, and CRA compliance. Our market studies make extensive use of maps and graphics to make it easy to understand the data behind the conclusions.